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Your Salesforce journey doesn’t stop at implementation.

Spending time heavily on the initial implementation, customization, and configuration is great. However, without focus on support and maintenance, you may run into critical issues. We at TechStar measure the success of any implementation on end-user experience and adoption. The customer or end-user is always the linchpin determining the success or failure of any system integration. When an implementation transforms into a digital coach for the end-users including the sales team, the chances of the application being leveraged effectively becomes significantly high.

Our experienced Salesforce Consultants deliver timely support that significantly accelerates your user adoption and maximizes your Salesforce return on investment.

Salesforce for Sales & Marketing

Use Salesforce to get more customers, spread your message and close more deals. Sales Cloud & Marketing Cloud exist to help you establish and maintain relationships between your company and its customers.

Sales Cloud

Sell like the Fortune 500. Boost your sales performance & maximize productivity while multiplying your revenue.

A configured and well-implemented Sales Cloud empowers executives to sell smarter by providing them an efficient and effective AI-powered sales platform. The Sales Cloud is crafted to increase productivity and overall success of executives at the same time, as it provides a complete 360 degree view of customers, from start to finish. By adding personalization to your sales approach, you can effectively transform your potential customers into long-term clients seamlessly.

Marketing Cloud

Create personalized customer journeys & get a unified customer view. Engage your customers 10X better & maximize your Marketing ROI.

Marketing Cloud empowers marketers to reach their potential customers through the ideal channels at the right time, that to at the appropriate stage of relationship. Our best-in-class marketing cloud implementation allows businesses to engage their customers better, establish brand authority, enhance brand awareness and recognition while generating leads and multiplying conversions effectively.

Salesforce for Service & Experience

Also than the main basic explanation we shared above, here we share a few tips and how-to's which are from the most common questions we receive.

Service Cloud

Empower your customer support, automate operations, and offer quick resolutions. Keep your customers happy with our Service Cloud implementation that helps you drive success.

Service cloud is known for empowering organizations to manage customer data and insights better on various channels such as phone, chat, email and more. For any business, customer service is the key to success in the highly competitive market. And to help you thrive in the evolving customer service space, Enabled Analytics can help you get the right teams that can help you achieve your customer service goals.

Experience Cloud

Elevate customer experiences with beautifully crafted digital interactions by leveraging our Experience Cloud implementation. Our decades of expertise enables you to achieve your goals while amplifying success.

Get valuable insights about how your customers perceive and interact with your brand, make data driven decisions and enhance customer experiences seamlessly with personalization.  Our experience cloud implementation allows you to build highly engaging digital channels, online communities, forums while enabling you to extend your business. Enable your partners to carry out tasks seamlessly while leveraging experience cloud and turbo-charge your business today!

CPQ, Pardot & Health Cloud

Our team can help you implement & expand the capabilities of niche clouds effectively.


Simplify configuration and create price quotes with precision by leveraging CPQ. Harness the power of Salesforce CPQ, Vlocity CPQ, and Apttus CPQ to maximize your success.


Get the Pardot specialists by your side. Achieve superior marketing results and outshine your competitors effortlessly. Leverage the expertise of TechStar and accelerate your business growth.

Health Cloud

Create personalized care plans, effectively manage patient journeys, and make data-driven decisions, while engaging your patients effectively. Accomplish more by harnessing the expertise of TechStar's top-drawer teams.

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