TechStar’s FinOps Services bring great value to managing and optimizing customer cloud spends. It provides the visibility, accountability, control, and intelligence you need to scale your business in the cloud environment with confidence. Tailored to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, TechStar helps you reduce complexity and increase the predictability of your cloud costs.

FinOps is a journey.
We are here to help you.

FinOps is an important consideration for any cloud transformation journey to maximize the business value, focusing on forecasting cloud spend in line with company priorities, enforcing cloud financial accountability, and automating tagging of cloud resources. It requires a single source of truth (SSoT) to aggregate data from multiple disparate systems into a single source, centrally managed environment, and cross-functional teams to achieve cloud cost transparency and planning and optimization processes. TechStar has been successful in reducing “cloud waste” and optimizing infrastructure for performance and scalability, aligning with the principle of "shift left".

Challenges with Cloud Spends in Enterprise

Cloud Cost

• Visibility
• Forecasting
• Budget Management

Cloud Cost

• Consumption Analysis
• Orphan Resources
• Reserved Instances
• Right Sizing
• Benefits Management

Cloud Cost Mgmt Operations

• Billing and Analysis
• Alerts & Notifications
• Advise & Recommend
• Incident & Change Mgmt

What difference does TechStar FinOps Solution bring?

TechStar's FinOps solution offers a phased approach to unlock the value of your cloud efficiently and help business implement FinOps best practices to optimize costs. Our certified experts evaluate your organization's FinOps maturity level through workshops and develop business cases to provide short-term and long-term roadmaps for cost optimization & management.

• End to End Visibility & Accountability
• Detailed Analysis of the Cloud Spend (BU, Account, Subscription, etc)
• Enables real-time decision-making
• Predictive Forecasting of Cloud Spends.  
• Accelerates the realization of business value and innovation.

Why TechStar:

  • Techstar’s FinOps provides domain experts and executives with a centralized view of cloud application usage, allowing rapid, proactive responses and encouraging cost awareness.
  • Collaboration with many of the top FinOps-certified platforms  
  • Comprehensive Maturity Assessment Survey for different FinOps capabilities  
  • Reference architecture to assist you in embracing the FinOps at scale
  • A quick proof-of-value model that aids in determining whether or not FinOps is the best option for you


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