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We provide start-ups, growth, mid-market, and enterprise companies with nearshore software development services, staff augmentation, and IT outsourcing to enhance their business solutions. Our skilled talent, cost-effective solutions, real-time collaboration, and close proximity teamwork empower our clients to accomplish more while minimizing their use of resources such as full-time staff, time, and cost.


Cost-effective worldwide, providing more than 50% in overall savings compared to onshore teams in tech-forward U.S. cities.

Gain access to knowledgeable and seasoned professionals from renowned industries and universities.

Promote cultural alignment to foster collaboration among team members.

Being in close proximity to multiple innovation centers in US, India & Mexico

How our team delivers

Remote Workforces

Our approach offers you flexibility to scale up or down resources as needed, while you maintain control over team management, budget, and deliverables. We will handle the team’s internal management, while you guide them towards completing your desired tasks.

Expert Panel

This team management solution is perfect for projects that necessitate a combination of technical and business expertise. It ensures tight integration between team members and their deliverables.

Cross-Functional Teams

Improving Nearshore takes on the responsibility of team management, budgeting, and deliverables for initiatives that require a full set of skills to resolve a given business issue.

How TechStar Development Team Collaborates

Thanks to the updated and improved USMCA, our nearshore software development teams can collaborate more easily via virtual means, on-site at our clients, or at one of our nearshore innovation centers. This provides greater travel flexibility and easier visa processes for our nearshore developers.

Extended Teams

Great for projects that demand the agility to adjust resource allocation as required. The client retains control of team management, budget, and deliverables. We oversee the team's internal management, while you provide direction to the team regarding the specific tasks you need them to complete.

Competency Teams

Well-suited for ventures that necessitate a foundational team that possesses extensive knowledge in both technology and business. The management of the team and the delivery of results are closely integrated.

Cross-functional Teams

Perfect for endeavors that demand end-to-end expertise to address a particular business challenge. Improving Nearshore takes responsibility for team management, budget, and deliverables.

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