Pega is a leader in software for customer engagement, customer service, and digital process automation.

Pega enables the development and deployment of strategic BPM, Dynamic case management, and Decision Management Applications — all through a single, unified model - based platform.

TechStar’s Pega Practice and Centre of Excellence has unmatched certification levels, offering access to highly experienced teams for customer engagements.

TechStar Pega Service Offerings:

TechStar’s Pega service offerings combine the power of AI, Robotics and BPM to transform the business value chain.

Empowering customer centricity

Modernize legacy systems of engagement to systems of differentiation by reimagining customer journeys and providing seamless experience across channels and real-time personalization.

Agility in business application development

Use Pega low-code platform and Agile Scrum techniques for swift delivery of business applications while accelerating time to market.

Contact centre transformations

Revolutionize to deliver great customer service by adopting the right strategy, while optimizing operations and systems for optimal customer engagement and efficiency.


Transform the complete business value chain by leveraging BPM, Robotic process automation (RPA), and AI while delivering great digital customer experiences.


Simplify repetitive mundane tasks through bots and automate complex manual operations, legacy processes, and white spaces between platforms using Pega.

Pega Case Study

An Insurance giant used Pega to deliver a single unified claims management system across their enterprise including 131 jurisdictions around the globe. Their ROI on this bold undertaking was much higher than they expected. They were able to reduce their claims cycle times by 30% while improving accuracy, reducing expenses associated with claims and reducing indemnity expenses by 5%.

At one of the US’s largest Telco’s, we create value by retaining their valuable customers and offering bundles their customers are most likely to accept. The result is that our customer is spending less on retention while keeping more customers and growing top line revenue.

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