Microsoft Power Platform Consulting Services

Power Platform Consulting Services help you reduce your development time, boost your productivity, improve your business intelligence, and enhance your customer service capabilities.

Utilize Power Platform to Boost Business Performance

As a top Microsoft Power Platform Partner, our qualified team can leverage the platform's tools to deliver customized solutions tailored to your business needs, regardless of your digital transformation progress. We enable you to reduce development time, increase productivity, and improve business intelligence and customer service. The Power Platform's low-code app development, data-driven solutions, and automated environments can transform your business processes.


Power Platform Services

Power Apps

Minimize your development expenses and time by leveraging pre-existing services, connectors, and data sources. Seamlessly integrate your data, apply business logic, and develop applications that are compatible with both your web browser and mobile device.

Power BI

Enhance your business intelligence capabilities and elevate your business outcomes by designing drag-and-drop dashboards and reports that provide your team with visibility into both local and cloud-based data sources.

Power Automate

Boost your productivity and reduce costs with robust applications designed to automate your processes. Take advantage of a wide range of pre-built connectors that are readily available for popular apps and other Microsoft cloud services.

Virtual Bots

Enhance your customer service and boost employee satisfaction by implementing self-service chat using chatbots. These bots can promptly address queries and requests, allowing your team to concentrate on tasks that provide greater value.

Why you should use Power Platform

Lower the Cost of App Development

The Microsoft Power Platform is tailored to assist businesses in achieving long-term cost savings. Its primary objective is to deliver cost efficiency to companies by minimizing expenses associated with custom app development, deployment, integrations, and maintenance.

Accelerate the App Development Process

Optimize your app development process and eliminate backlogs by leveraging the Power Platform. With these low-code tools, you can streamline the process of creating, testing, and expanding prototypes, thereby simplifying the entire development procedure.

Minimize Workload Through Automation

By utilizing Power Platform, you can automate processes for hundreds of apps, both within and outside of the Microsoft ecosystem. Automation of repetitive tasks enables employees to work more intelligently, resulting in improved overall business performance.

Generate Deeper Insights, More Often

Leverage Power BI to transform your data into a competitive edge by linking, consolidating, and examining your complete data estate. It provides a user-friendly way to visualize and analyze your enterprise data.

Our Power Platform Consulting Process


Reach Out for a Consultation

Facing a business challenge? Our team is equipped to discuss potential solutions with you during a complimentary 30-minute or less consultation.


Select Options Best for You

We will provide you with various options that suit your budget, needs, and capabilities, and you can choose the one that best fits your requirements.


Work With Our Experts

Have senior-level personnel assigned exclusively to your project who will gain comprehensive knowledge of your business and start working on it right away.


Experience Fast Results

Don't delay in achieving greater speed, efficiency, and capability. You will witness the positive results and experience the distinction of working with us right away.

Experience a distinct type of support with our Microsoft Power Platform Managed Services.

Are you in need of ongoing updates for your existing business application or automated workflows? Our Professional Support Services, one of the few recognized alternatives to Microsoft support, provides direct access to a Power Platform expert who will ensure that your Power Platform services are functioning at their best.


How TechStar Helps Your Business


TechStar offers premier Power Platform consulting services for businesses, including data capture, analysis, and process automation.


Each Power Platform application requires a license, with varying structures based on the application. Schedule a licensing consultation with our experts to align the Power Platform with your business goals.

Custom App Dev

Our Power Platform developers create customized solutions for complex business operations. From needs evaluation to swift implementation, we design and develop engaging applications.

Robotic Process Automation

Techstar provides professional support and consulting services for Microsoft Power Automate. Our experienced developers can create new workflows and fix existing ones.

Digital Process Automation

Maximizing enterprise value through digital automation. Trust our trained professionals for top-notch Microsoft flow consulting.

Data Platform Integration

Get a modern data platform that integrates with your existing systems for data analysis. Our Azure cloud-based solutions are cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Data Visualization & Reports

Our Power Platform consulting service empowers your team to leverage data with easy-to-read dashboards for deeper insights. We accelerate businesses with advanced features and promote a data-driven culture.

Intelligent Virtual Bots

Create sophisticated chatbots with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents to address queries quickly. Incorporate intelligence for decision-making capabilities and ensure preferred agents are always available to provide information at any time.

Maintenace & Support

Our support service provides continuous assistance to sustain your business vision. We remove roadblocks for seamless data analysis, business analysis, and automation strategies with a dedicated team offering remote, round-the-clock support.

Microsoft Power Apps Consulting

Microsoft PowerApps Consulting services offer multiple benefits for your organization. We help you create custom business applications that meet your specific needs, leading to more efficient and effective use of the platform and cost savings.

We also integrate PowerApps with other business apps like Microsoft SharePoint, the Common Data Service, or Microsoft Dataverse, allowing for custom applications to be created with minimal code and no need for expensive developers.

Partnering with a PowerApps Consulting firm provides access to expert advice and support whenever you need it, ensuring you get the most out of the platform.

Microsoft Power Automate Consulting

Power Automate Consulting services assess your needs and implement the best solution for your business. Automating manual processes improves efficiency and productivity while reducing costs, giving you a significant advantage in today's competitive business environment.

Power Automate is a cloud-based service that automates business processes and manual tasks. Creating automated workflows saves time and resources while ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Power Automate can automate simple tasks like sending emails and complex processes like data entry and invoice processing.

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents Consulting

By working with a consultant who specializes in Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, you can implement chatbots that automate repetitive tasks and questions. This can help to improve customer satisfaction and free up employees to focus on more complex and valuable tasks.

One of the major benefits of Power Virtual Agents is that they can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. You can use AI Builder and robotic process automation capabilities to create chatbots that are tailored to your business processes and workflows.

In summary, Microsoft Power Virtual Agents offer a powerful way to improve customer service while also reducing costs and increasing efficiency. With the help of a skilled consultant, you can take advantage of these benefits and transform your customer service operations.

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