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Our customers leverage TechStar’s expertise to ensure a “production-ready” Azure ecosystem that meets “well-architected” best practices for application hosting.​

We also aim to make sure that your apps are always secure and compliant. We help organizations make resilient and easy-to-manage apps while also supporting you in the journey of obtaining a global reach.

App Modernization Principles

• Executive sponsorship: Determine motivations, business objectives​
• Azure Roadmap driven by business objectives​
• Well-Architected Framework (WAF) including Performance, Reliability, Cost Optimization, DevOps

• Safe deployment including Proof of Concept, Pilot and Production
• Enterprise-grade, Hybrid Cloud Landing Zone​ (Governance, Identity, Security & Networking)


Techstar specializes in App-Modernization with Azure, offering a comprehensive suite of services to help businesses transform their existing applications. Leveraging Azure's capabilities, Techstar assists in enhancing application functionality, improving performance, and enabling scalability.

Assessment As-A-Service

Azure Application Modernization Assessment - Our comprehensive analysis and modernization services aim to optimize your applications, enabling them to fully leverage the exceptional capabilities offered by Microsoft Azure.

Data Collection
Data Analysis
Solution Assessment Report

Power BI

Migration As-A-Service

Techstar simplifies the Azure migration process by efficiently moving physical, virtual, and complex cloud-based workloads. With Techstar's expertise and Microsoft tools such as Azure Migrate, Azure Data box and Database Migration Assistant (DMA), we promise reduced downtime, cost savings, and improved security.

Data Center Modernization
Infrastructure Migration

Application Modernization
Enterprise Azure Migration


Techstar deep expertise in the Azure DevOps platform and a team of certified Azure engineers will enable organizations in harnessing the full capabilities of Azure DevOps, including source control, continuous integration (CI)/continuous deployment (CD),testing, project management, and more.

Consulting Services
CI/CD Services
Automation Services

Containerization Services
Other DevOps support

Microservices on Azure

Techstar's Microservices on Azure service simplifies the implementation of a robust microservices architecture. With Azure's powerful services like Azure Kubernetes Service(AKS), Service Fabric, Functions, and API Management, businesses can enjoy increased agility, faster time-to-market, scalability, and fault tolerance. Experience the efficiency and flexibility of microservices on Azure with Techstar.

Service Delivery

Distribution Data Management
Logging and Monitoring

Outcomes We Deliver

In the modern market, when firms are battling for every dollar, capitalizing on technological advancement and better functionality to obtain a competitive edge is more important than ever. Modernizing your applications gives your firm the competitive advantage it need.

Rapid Innovation
Shorter Time to Market

Fully Managed Services
Security & Reliability

Scalability & Accessibility

TechStar Group takes a comprehensive approach to app modernization, considering various factors such as scalability, performance, security, and user experience.

We work closely with businesses to assess their existing applications, identify pain points, and define the desired modernization outcomes. This collaborative process ensures that the app modernization strategy aligns with the specific goals and requirements of the business.

Discover & Assess

Business Objectives
​As-is state of app workloads
​PaaS Assessment​
Provisional Azure reference architecture with Azure usage estimates​
Hybrid Cloud workshop​

Proof of Concept Plan

PoC user stories​
PoC infrastructure and configuration​
Roles and responsibilities​Timeline​​

POC Execution

Deploy and validate cloud solution architecture concept​PoC Outcome report​

Pilot Plan

Production-ready, Azure reference architecture​
User stories that address:​Production-ready infrastructure and configuration​
Roles & responsibilities​
Azure usage estimates for production​


​Enterprise-grade Landing Zone​
Hybrid Cloud Framework​Governance, Identity, Networking, Security​
Well-Architected Framework​
Cost Optimization​
Performance & Reliability​
Ops & Security​
Commence with Pilot ​Collaborative Testing​
Phased production rollout​Day-2 Operations (Managed/Support Services)​

Why TechStar?

Excellence Maintained

Comprehensive discovery workshops and end-to-end discussions throughout the application migration project lifecycle

Best-In-Class Framework

Application migration framework that is fail-safe, secure, and risk-averse, and is adapted to the goals and objectives of the organization.

Speed & Increase in ROI

Using cloud-native and underlying certified migration technologies that are backed by automation and intelligence to enable a speedier transition, faster Go-to-Market (GTM), and higher ROI.

Reach Goals Seamlessly

Holistic transition strategy using the complete applications partner ecosystem to fulfil the organization's transformation goals seamlessly.

Full Visibility & Monitoring

Using built-in monitoring tools, Azure Monitor and Azure App Insights, to monitor the health and performance of all enterprise web applications, as well as their availability and consumption.

Sophisticated Protection

Secure sophisticated protection for web apps with cybersecurity best practices such as Azure AD authentication, Azure Key Vault for managing secrets, role-based access control (RBAC), and network security groups (NSGs).

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