Security Services

Exceed your compliance and security needs faster with the power of automation. Monitor your application and infrastructure's security posture in real-time.

TechStar helps you get secure with our partner Strobes

Vulnerability Management

Utilize our Security Services in partnership with Strobes, a Vulnerability Management Platform that ingests vulnerabilities from scanners and teams and automate security with workflows. The Vulnerability Scoring Engine and Threat Intelligence help prioritize vulnerabilities, which reduces cost, saves time, and keeps your teams focused on reducing the biggest risks to your business.

Increasing efficiency and productivity with integrations

With increased efficiency of DevOps pipelines for periodic and regular scanning, irrespective of the current workflows, Strobes provides integrations with leading AppSec tools.

Manage AppSec tools

Ensure all AppSec tools and policies are managed and governed from a single management v system to maintain regular scanning right through SDLC.

Remediation at the blink of an eye

Based on the task at hand, along with the associated risk and business impacts, Strobes provides Aggregation, Prioritization, Remediation, Reduction of AppSec Vulnerabilities and much more.

Advanced visibility

Strobes understands that reports which provide details of the AppSec risks for the application dashboard are of utmost importance. Hence, the platform offers advanced analytics along with an high-level overview.

Ownership for every level point

Strobes provides DevSecOps as a service popular risk trends and integral metrics at various levels like enterprise level, to separate business functions, product teams and to individual DevOps teams. This ensure that every function of your organization is not just accountable but also develops a sense of ownership.

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