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Operationalize AI and drive quick insights for real-world business impact

Because of its human-centric and cognitive capabilities, businesses are investing in data analytics and AI consulting services, but progress in these areas has been slow. Businesses embrace AI but lack the innovative systems and governance structures needed to fully benefit from it.

When it comes to Data analytics and AI, TechStar comprehends the significance of governance structures and innovative systems. As an advanced analytics company with expertise in Azure AI services, we possess the necessary domain experience to enable you to fully harness the potential benefits of AI. We believe that it's not just about adopting AI, but about unlocking its true potential for long-term business transformation and short-term wins.

Our Azure data analytics team of experts can work with you to develop customized governance structures that align with your data modernization journey and implement data analytics and artificial intelligence.

TechStar's Analytics & AI Services

In order to produce better results and business benefits, TechStar Data Analytics and AI Services assist organizations in transforming legacy data estates to cloud-based technologies and architecture. Our data and artificial intelligence (AI) services are based on Azure Data Platform, Azure App Services, Azure SQL DB, Power BI, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Cognitive Services and are divided into the following:

Consulting As-A-Service

Our data and analytics consulting services provide design-led and framework-based solutions to optimize the roadmap for data-enabled enterprises and decisions.

  • Data Maturity Analysis
  • Roadmap and Blueprint for Data Strategy
  • A data strategy that is in line with business goals and expansion TCO reduction for the adoption of AI and data analytics
  • Data consulting services tailored to specific industries

Data Engineering As-A-Service

To create contemporary data ecosystems, our consultants combine data modernization and skills in data engineering, cloud, data privacy, and compliance with their knowledge of proprietary frameworks and maturity models. Techstar’s data engineering offerings include advisory, implementation, and operating services.

  • Developing Data Models
  • SQL DB Modernization
  • Execution of ETL and/or ELT jobs
  • Open source DB Modernization
  • Cosmos DB

Data Analytics As-A-Service

As a part of Analytics as a Service (AaaS) we embrace Power BI Development services for analytics and visualization to build a fully customized data analytics platform for in-cloud data analysis. Techstar, provides end-to-end analytics as a service, supported by Azure.

  • Managing multiple data sources
  • Power BI Dashboards and Reports
  • Power BI embedded in Azure
  • Auto scalable Data-Lake
  • Power BI Report Server

Data Science As-A-Service

Data science as a service facilitates organizations to gain business insights using advanced analytics technologies, including deep learning, without relying on in-house data science capabilities. Techstar provides Microsoft Azure-enabled Data Science services with an integrated DevOps approach backed by Machine Learning Operations (MLOps).

  • Cognitive Services / ML Studio
  • Data exploration
  • Model development
  • Model validation

Engagement Model on Data Analytics and AI tools we practice

Our easy but in-depth engagement model is specifically designed to help businesses operationalize AI and drive quick insights. We understand that businesses today need to keep up with the rapidly evolving technological landscape to stay competitive. That's why we have developed a four-stage engagement model that simplifies the process of AI adoption while providing in-depth insights that drive quick results.

Discovery & Planning

We have identified areas for AI implementation, we develop a customized plan that outlines the strategies we will use to achieve quick insights. This plan is tailored to the specific needs of our clients and includes the tools, algorithms, and techniques we will use to implement AI.


Using a combination of our expertise and industry best practices to implement AI in a way that delivers quick insights. We ensure that the data is clean, structured, and ready for analysis. We also monitor the implementation to ensure that it meets the expected outcomes.


We assess the effectiveness of the AI implementation and the insights it has generated. We analyze the data and metrics to identify the areas where the implementation has been successful and those that require further improvement.

Outcomes We Deliver

Deep business insights from advanced analytics


Decision-making that is better and more informed

Highly manageable data and faster access to critical data.


Quicker data & operating speed

Gain a more accurate understanding of actual operational performance by incorporating better data quality into business workflows.


Efficiency and value of operating

Allow data scientists to focus on higher-value analytics tasks rather than the challenges of DevOps and data engineering.


Enhanced & improved user experiences

Customer service and support gaps are highlighted by in-depth SLA analytics.


Reduced costs and improved compliance

Recognize and avert potential legal problems and fines before they arise, especially in highly regulated sectors like healthcare and financial services


Reduced cost of data management

via increased automation, reduced storage requirements, and licensing of applications and services.


Competitive Advantage and future innovation

Predictive analytics provide insights into emerging trends, helping to focus future development and innovation efforts.

Why TechStar?

Expertise in AI and Data Science

An integrated team of data scientists, data analysts, data lake engineers, computational linguists, and AI developers can meet the demands of any analytics project.

Extensive Research in AI

Understand present and long-term objectives by continuously researching and developing information management and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

Future-Ready Solutions

Leveraging automated tools and workflows, data fabric blueprint, to build a modern foundation for businesses

Simplified Data Operations

with a data governance strategy and a unified console, we can help reduce complexity of your data estate

Business Ready Solutions

Take advantage of the team's vast experience in implementing data analytics and machine learning services and solutions to boost ROI and productivity.

Managed Services

Count on knowledgeable operational support for AI services designed to meet the unique needs of each organization.

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