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To help organizations harness the power of their data, TechStar offers the Azure Data Modernization to help customers understand the value Azure provides in the form of a Modern Data Platform delivered through a consultative engagement.

Data Modernization Solution Offering

TechStar will conduct a design workshop to help customers identify up to any one of the below scenarios to create a reference architecture design, implement a landing zone and modernize the data estate using Azure Modern Data Services (ADS).

Modern Data Warehousing

“We want to integrate all our data—including Big Data—with our data warehouse”

Advanced Analytics

“We’re trying to predict when our customers churn”

Real-Time Analytics

“We’re trying to get insights from our devices in real-time”

In just 30 days, customers will receive a hands-on consulting engagement providing architecture design recommendations for their data estate in Azure and deploy an ADS environment where TechStar offers:

Design & Model Processes

Through our collaborative workshop approach, we create awareness & envision the role of a modern data and analytics platform for your organization utilizing Azure both Public & On-Premise

Provisioning Landing Zone using Azure Data Services

Using our hands-on approach, our team helps you set a blueprint for your organization to enable the use of (Hybrid) Azure Data & Analytics cloud services and future readiness.

Create & Enable Automation

In addition to leveraging ADS to support your scenarios, SNP leverages the Data Platform to help customers choose the appropriate automation tooling for their needs.

Engagement Process


Discovery Session

1-2 days
Educate customer about Data Platform for their data & analytics workloads. Understand the customer’s workloads and dependencies. Identify an application suitable for the Pilot.

Envisioning Workshop

1-2 days
Report on infrastructure and management. Report on processes analyzed. Recommendations for automation. Follow-on statement of work


4 weeks
Pre-defined Azure Data and Analytics Platform & infrastructure deployed in Customer subscription. Knowledge transfer of infrastructure and supporting assets for engineering and development on DPi30

Design & Deploy

2-4 weeks
Core infrastructure deployed in customer subscription. Azure Data & Analytics Platform deployed into Customer subscription. Knowledge transfer of Azure Infrastructure and Data and Analytics Platform.


Inventory processes & analysis of existing data center environment to identify the right approach. Deploy or adjust environment & identify, design & engineer 1-2 business processes or scenarios. Begin design and automate all processes using appropriate automation engines and embedded practices & guidance.

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