Empowering Mission-Critical Technology and Intelligence Professionals

Our government solutions include a seasoned service delivery team that stands ready to provide comprehensive support for vital government IT initiatives.

TechStar provide a range of value-added and innovative consulting support for Government agencies & departments:

Technology Strategic Planning Initial Operating Capability Phase – Mission Support
Support development of strategic technology requirements packages
Maintain requirements packages as they progress through required evaluation
Improve and mature business and technology operations based on lessons learned and best practices.
Business process design and implementation
Governance Policy, Workflows and Process Analysis and Organizational Change Management
Collect and leverage governance documentation and processes

TechStar and partner holds top secret via DSCA. Our top-secret clearance is valid across all DoD/IC agencies.


TechStar specializes in delivering Azure Cloud Solutions tailored for U.S. Federal Government Azure clients. We ensure top-tier security, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency. Our expertise covers federal regulations like FedRAMP, DoD IL, CJIS, and HIPAA, making Azure deployments smooth. We provide secure, scalable cloud architectures, data security measures, cost optimization, and advanced data analytics. We offer disaster recovery, DevOps, training, and secure access solutions, along with AI-driven chatbots and crisis management tools. Our client-centric approach ensures our Azure solutions align with agency objectives. TechStar has a strong track record of enhancing security, operational efficiency, and data-driven decision-making for U.S. Federal Government agencies.


TechStar is a seasoned provider of professional consulting services for Exchange Hybrid mail migrations, specializing in helping organizations seamlessly transition from on-premises Exchange environments to Microsoft 365. They have a strong track record working with global organizations, including those with over 5,000 employees, and are recognized for their expertise in various industries, such as Finance, Legal, and Professional Services. TechStar employs a structured approach to migrations, encompassing meticulous planning, setup and configuration, rigorous testing, and thorough verification. They also offer deployment guidance and continuous support. Notably, TechStar addresses the challenge of managing user expectations and concerns by ensuring organizations are well-informed about the migration process's potential impact. Overall, TechStar brings valuable insights and practical experience to Exchange Hybrid mail migrations.

Consulting Services

TechStar, along with its partner, offers consulting services and staff augmentation primarily focused on Microsoft products within the Intelligence Community. With over two decades of experience, TechStar excels in designing, implementing, and managing complex enterprise architectures, specializing in Microsoft's operating systems, including Windows Server and Active Directory, as well as VMWare software. As a Microsoft Advanced Solutions Partner with various specializations, TechStar is a trusted authority in enterprise IT solutions. In terms of staff augmentation, TechStar is a reputable supplier to major enterprises, state governments, Fortune 100/500 companies, and Microsoft itself, providing qualified and certified professionals with a leadership team boasting over a century of combined experience. Known for its ethical partnerships, TechStar continues to set the standard for staff augmentation excellence, offering highly skilled professionals and a client-focused approach, making it the preferred choice for organizations looking to enhance their workforce.

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