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With the help of Microsoft Azure Cloud, businesses around the world are now able to accomplish frictionless digital transformation, data intelligence capabilities, automation, and unparalleled security and compliance.

But a lack of controlled expertise may result in inefficient resource use, poor performance, and increased bill payments. Techstar employs a structured approach to deliver reliable, application-focused, and premium cloud-managed services. Our comprehensive Azure services offer end-to-end management, ensuring a seamless Azure cloud experience while addressing your diverse needs.

Techstars CloudOps solution utilizes a range of methodologies and protocols to manage and maintain cloud-based infrastructure and applications on Microsoft Azure.

Our goal is to assist businesses in optimizing their utilization of the Azure platform at affordable price points. With our AIOps-driven managed operations, clients can effortlessly integrate various Azure native tools and solutions including:

Azure Compute
AzureSite Recovery
Azure Active Directory
Azure Sentinel

Azure Express Route
Azure Managed Storage
Azure DevOps
Azure VDI

Azure AT
Azure Kubernetes
And more...

Cloud Ops

We utilize a range of methodologies and protocols to manage and maintain cloud-based infrastructure and applications on Microsoft Azure. Our Azure CloudOps teams aim to ensure the security, availability, and performance of Azure-based systems, guaranteeing optimal operation. Our Azure CloudOps services encompass Azure Resource Manager, Azure Monitor, Azure Site Recovery, Azure Automation, and Azure DevOps.

Azure Tenant & Subscription Mgmt
Performance Optimization
Automation and Monitoring

Service Management


Techstar’s SecOps solution enables comprehensive visibility across the enterprise by accessing and analyzing logs during communication, investigation, and hunting activities. Our Central SecOps team, in alignment with the application team, actively monitors security-related telemetry data, investigates breaches, and utilizes Microsoft Sentinel as a centralized Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution.

Enterprise Risk Assessment
Vulnerability Assessment
Security Monitoring Threat Intelligence

Incident Response
Forensics and Root Cause Analysis


TechStar’s FinOps Services bring great value to managing and optimizing customer cloud spends. It provides the visibility, accountability, control, and intelligence you need to scale your business in the cloud environment with confidence. Tailored to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, TechStar helps you reduce complexity and increase the predictability of your cloud costs.

Cost Allocation
Managed Shared Cost
Workload Management & Automation

Data Ingestion
Cloud Policy and Governance

Techstars CloudOps solution utilizes a range of methodologies and protocols to manage and maintain cloud-based infrastructure and applications on Microsoft Azure.

The partnership between Azure Managed Services and Techstar delivers comprehensive support, enhanced security, cost optimization, scalability, expert guidance, and the ability to prioritize your core business activities.

Azure Managed Services ensure proactive monitoring of your Azure environment, identifying and addressing issues before they impact your operations. Techstar's expertise and support help optimize your Azure resources and infrastructure.

With Techstar's security expertise, Azure Managed Services help implement robust security controls, monitor for potential threats, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. This reduces the risk of security breaches and data loss.

Techstar's Azure Managed Services assist in optimizing your Azure resources, minimizing wasteful spending, and maximizing cost-efficiency. This includes rightsizing your infrastructure, implementing cost-saving measures, and optimizing resource utilization.

Azure Managed Services, combined with Techstar's expertise, enable efficient scaling of your Azure environment to accommodate fluctuating workloads. This ensures high performance and availability, meeting the demands of your applications and services.

Techstar's knowledgeable team provides expert guidance and consultation on Azure best practices, architecture design, and optimization strategies. This empowers your organization to make informed decisions and achieve optimal results from your Azure environment.

By leveraging Azure Managed Services with Techstar, you can offload the operational tasks and complexities of managing Azure infrastructure. This allows your team to focus on core business activities and strategic initiatives, increasing productivity and innovation.

Why TechStar?

Managed Services

A provider of high-end managed services that focus on applications, leveraging AIOps to deliver Azure Cloud Operations.

Best-In-Class Support

We offer 24/7 support provided by our cloud certified experts, with the backing of dedicated Centres of Excellence.

Seamless Migration

Our Azure Cloud Migration Model ensures a seamless migration experience with zero friction.

Availability & Scalability

Experience hyper-scalability and ensure high availability with a remarkable uptime.

SAP On Azure

Benefit from our proven expertise in managing SAP on Azure

Disaster Recovery (DR) offerings

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end Azure Managed Services, including robust Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) services.

Dedicated Disaster Recovery (DR)

On Azure designed specifically for heterogeneous and complex environments. Our solutions include automated recovery-backup mechanisms and failback-failover mechanisms to ensure seamless and efficient disaster recovery operations.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Leverage our advanced capabilities and expertise in Azure Sentinel. Benefit from our various security controls and dedicated Security Operations Centers (SOCs) for enhanced security and threat detection.

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