Customer Experience

Chatbots offer enhanced self- service capabilities to customers to increase satisfaction, maximize retention, and enhance customer acquisition.

Our Chatbot services offer an integrated approach designed to lower costs and deliver results.

Powered by Artificial intelligence, Chatbots help your systems understand complex requests, personalize responses and improve conversations/interactions over the time by learning through “training” (using supervised and unsupervised training). Chatbots simulate the conversation of a human being through either text or voice interactions by combining Computers, Digital Assistance, Artificial Intelligence and Linguistics.

Chatbots are used for automation in digital engagements and provide a guided or contextual conversational flow for customer self-serve capabilities, resulting in lower customer call volumes and a better overall customer experience – enhancing customer satisfaction, and retention.
Chatbots operate through Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines via text or speech. Chatbots adapt to user information such as avatar, segments, preferences, and lifestyles with the help of conversational model that play a pivotal role in managing conversations by providing implicit contexts and intents.
As chatbots get “smarter,” they provide invaluable data to support better decisions and interactions across other channels. Apart from supporting Sales, Customer Service, Support and Troubleshooting scenarios, chatbots can also play an important role in Marketing.

By tagging specific content to certain chatbot words or phrases, content can be delivered in within the context of various pre-defined conversations. With deep understanding of the customer journey and emotions, through the eyes of the buyer, content and bot conversations can be successfully mapped and programmed.

Types of Chatbots


Virtual Assistants


Conversational Interfaces


Smart AI powered conversational bots

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