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Focused around the needs of Finance, Inventory, HR and Admin departments, DocQmentor is a low code & fully automated digital business process solution.

DocQmentor is an automated document management solution designed to simplify file handling for users. It allows employees to drop files into a designated folder and forget about them, as the system takes care of the rest. It automatically scans, extracts keywords, renames files, applies metadata, and securely files them in Microsoft 365. This eliminates the need for additional training and monitoring, streamlining the document management process.

Security is ensured through the utilization of Microsoft's built-in security features in M365. DocQmentor inherits this high-end security, allowing only authorized individuals with proper credentials to access, edit, and delete files. It also automatically applies document protection based on the type of information contained within the document. Additionally, DocQmentor offers features such as data extraction, metadata tagging, confidence scores, auto-sorting, and convenient updates to data, enhancing efficiency and ease of use for users.

DocQmentor Features

Automatic Triggers

Your employees have enough to worry about during the day without your organization adding another system for them to learn that requires training and monitoring.  DocQmentor is built so they can simply “File and forget.” DocQmentor is completely automated so that your users just have to drop their files into the DocQmentor folder and then go on about their day.  There is nothing else required.  Without further user intervention, DocQmentor scans the files, extracts the keywords, renames the files, reapplies keywords back to the document as metadata, and then files it securely in M365, so it can be searched and retrieved in under a second.


Other custom-built document management solutions must create an additional security system to guard access to your files.  Why recreate the wheel wasting more time and money?  Microsoft already has high-end security built into M365.  DocQmentor inherits existing Microsoft security so that only appropriate people with the proper credentials can view, edit, and delete the files in your DocQmentor system.  If your user forgot to assign security to the document, DocQmentor automatically applies protection based on the type of information contained in the document.

Extract Data

Some systems need your forms to be in a strict design and layout. DocQmentor does not require customers to rebuild their forms and databases.  Microsoft 365 AI and ML libraries can read colored forms, watermarked forms, tables and checkboxes, and even handwritten responses.  In addition, the Microsoft recognition engines are some of the best and most extensive in the world, so there is no need to buy access to 3rd party engines, thereby saving significant costs.

Meta Tagging

Imagine scanning through millions of documents with an advanced search query and then being able to pull up all matching record results in a few seconds.  DocQmentor can retrieve stored and indexed data as fast as it takes you to pick up the phone for your next incoming customer call.  The scanned information in documents is extracted and reapplied to the docs as metadata.  Your web crawlers automatically search this metadata and provide incredible speeds for returning data searches.

Confidence Scores

DocQmentor is autonomous, meaning users drop files into a DocQmentor folder and then forget about them.  Typed forms achieve near 100% recognition.  Documents that have handwritten responses, however, can vary.   Sometimes the penmanship can be challenging to decipher, so to monitor the inputs, DocQmentor adds a recognition confidence score to every form after processing.  This score tells the system how confident DocQmentor is that it interpreted the data correctly.  DocQmentor detects when a confidence score falls below a customer set threshold for accuracy, and it can automatically reroute the document for manual intervention preventing bad data collection.


One of our first big DocQmentor customers decided to move away from their pricy 3rd party Document Management solution.  Still, when they went to get their documents to migrate to DocQmentor, the third-party company wanted to charge them a significant access fee to move their documents!  So they first charged them for storage and then charged them to retrieve their own data.  DocQmentor uses SharePoint, TEAMS, and OneDrive (Products you already own with your M365 license) to store your documents.  You own your storage systems, and there is no custom code in DocQmentor, so everything built into the system is just standard M365 features that your team controls and manages at all times.


DocQmentor can be programmed to auto-sort your data so that HR documents end up in a secure HR file folder, and marketing documents are routed to the Marketing department document storage.  Each department can keep its data files.  No longer will documents be misplaced or filed incorrectly.  DocQmentor puts documents in the correct location the first time, every time reducing user frustrations.  Organizations that prefer to keep all records in a single repository can also do that with DocQmentor.

Updates To Data

Do you want to quickly preview your document without opening it first? Documentor allows you to select a document and get a preview of it without clicking and opening it in a separate viewer.  This convenience saves a few seconds, but those seconds add up throughout the day.  Users can even make changes to the metadata (assuming they have permissions) within the preview, so they also don’t have to first load the entire file in a viewer before making changes.  As a result, the system is easier to use, easier to edit, faster to get results.

Smart Automation Use Cases For Your Teams

Use cases hand-picked by our experts to automate across departments.

Scan, transform and automatically upload data from paper invoices into the ERP system by using Intelligent Data Capture with RPA.

A customer calls you about an invoice. Are your first words “Please hold”? With DocQmentor, critical information can be automatically extracted and tied to any invoice, order form, shipping label, or document. Using caller ID, you can pull the entire customer’s history up on your computer using their phone number before answering the call. DocQmentor can search tens of millions of records and return results within seconds. This automatic generation of paper trails can link orders, invoices, and receipts so your customer is never left waiting.

With DocQmentor, you determine what information the system will collect from a document or form.

DocQmentor can recognize extra data from tables, checkboxes, hand-written forms, compound documents, etc. Do you need to pull 47 different items off a form automatically? DocQmentor can do it. Need to standardize file names? DocQmentor can do it. Do you have Government forms or vendor invoices that change year to year? DocQmentor can adjust to collect data from them the same way every time.

Workflow Processing - No More Bottlenecks

It is one thing to track documents as they flow through your organization. It is another to use automation to make sure docs don’t get stuck in transit. For example, that customer order needs executive approval before it can be routed to fulfillment and billing. The problem is the approval manager went on a week’s long vacation. DocQmentor can track where documents are in a business process and send gentle (or not so gentle) reminders to those delaying the process. Then, if necessary, DocQmentor can re-route business processes when they go too long without a response.

Human Resources - Protecting Sensitive Information

DocQmentor is built on Microsoft’s technology stack using SharePoint, TEAMS, and OneDrive. This technology means that all documents can have Active Directory control their digital rights. Sensitive information like payroll or performance reviews can automatically be marked so that only certain people or specific teams can have access. DocQmentor ensures that only the right people can process, search, and retrieve sensitive information.

DocQmentor can provide custom search pages for different departments or form types.

For example, I want to see how many of my engineers have passed a certification exam. Rather than guess what data I need to include in my search, I can go to a custom search page to guide me on which keywords and metadata I should be entering. A few clicks later, I can query all the data stores in my organization for my results, returned in seconds.

Time is precious, and nothing is more frustrating than opening every document returned in a search to determine if it is the correct one.

DocQmentor allows a quick preview. You can select a file from search results and immediately see a preview of the file without opening it. It only saves a few seconds, but if this action is repeated hundreds of times a day, that can add up. DocQmentor file preview reduces the frustration of users searching multiple documents.

New employees want to make a good impression on their first day. Companies need to make a good impression also.

Leaving a new employee in a conference room waiting on their next step in a new employee orientation does not make a good first impression. Instead, take the many stages of complex action and break them down into trackable tasks. DocQmentor process automation can schedule out each step along the way, making sure all the correct forms are filled out, the right people are introduced, and the right actions are taken at the right time. Take your repeatable processes and let DocQmentor manage the steps automatically for you.

In a post covid world, the workforce has gone mobile.

Working from home, or working from Starbucks, is now the norm. Because DocQmentor is built on top of Microsoft’s SharePoint/TEAMS/OneDrive infrastructure, its interface is instantly adapted to any device with any screen resolution. Adaptation means users get the same experience when searching for documents on their phone, tablet, or desktop device. DocQmentor is a document management system that you can take anywhere on any device.

Integrate with the Data Systems of your Choice

DocQmentor integrates with any existing databases. Microsoft data connectors allow DocQmentor to provide forms processing and automation control to integrate with ERP systems, customer relationship managers, inventory control, AR and AP accounting systems, and other business solutions. Because DocQmentor can tie together systems using critical metadata, you can bind document sets together for disparate systems. DocQmentor can automatically take your archive of documents into your existing business solutions.

Save the planet and make your business more green with less paper.

DocQmentor can help you digitize everything in your organization, so you never have to deal with paper forms again. The DocQmentor system can work with any off-the-shelf scanner or equipment and does not require customers to lease a specific type of scanner or hardware. Digital files allow incredible speeds when searching and loading data. Your organization no longer has to maintain a vast storage space filled with endless file cabinets full of paper copies. Use DocQmentor and save a few thousand trees every year.

DocQmentor uses the Microsoft Cloud as its backbone.

Cloud storage means that DocQmentor’s data storage files can be maintained on-premise for speed while also backed up continuously to the cloud. Hit by ransomware or the latest nasty virus? DocQmentor can have you back up and running in no time while rebuilding your local storage of files. Microsoft offers higher-end fault-tolerant systems and disaster recovery tools for organizations where data security is paramount. DocQmentor has you secured.

Other solutions charge ridiculous fees for changes or additions of new forms.

DocQmentor uses Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms that are so simple that we will teach you how to add new documents to the system yourself. A small amount of coding needs to be done on the backend, but any employee can do the majority of work training the system to recognize new forms without extensive training. DocQmentor also comes with an optional services agreement where we will continuously add new forms to the system for you if you prefer. Either way, it will be a fraction of the cost other systems charge for changes to the document models.

The Only Constant is Change

Government forms change. Companies change invoices and shipping labels. When this happens, the document management system needs to adapt quickly. Many systems can’t. DocQmentor can process forms independently of each other but can combine and compile the documents into the same library for storage. HR looking up wage garnishment forms does not care that the Texas 2020 form looks different from the Oklahoma 2022 form. They need the data inside the forms. DocQmentor does not care either, and it can build libraries with multiple types of forms combined.

DocQmentor allows users to scan files directly from any scanner into the system for processing.

It can even have a universal folder where all file and form types are placed, and DocQmentor will figure out which form it is and send it to the appropriate processing center. However, the system is built to take any document from any input. This process means that you can drag and drop files directly into the system without scanning. You can even take attachments in email and drop them in. Companies with extensive archives of scanned documents can drop the files directly into DocQmentor and forget about them. DocQmentor will scan them, extract the data automatically, rename the file, apply the metadata for search, and file the documents in whichever storage folder is required. Hands-free every time.

DocQmentor can process millions of documents with fantastic speed and accuracy.

Customers appreciate having a dashboard that provides information on the documents being processed. DocQmentor can provide a simple dashboard showing statistics on the number of records, time saved, and money saved using DocQmentor. It can show how many are currently processing and if any need manual review. DocQmentor can also provide a high-end graphical dashboard using Microsoft Power BI. This dashboard includes similar information but also includes data analytics and report that can analyze trends, find outliers, monitor business flows, and more. Pick the level of detail you want to see while using DocQmentor and be amazed at the results.

Do you want to save your documents and forms at a department level instead of a single archive?

DocQmentor can save your documents where ever it makes sense to your organization. For example, marketing documents can be kept in a Marketing Team folder. HR can have all their documents saved in HR division folders. The best part is that it does not matter where the records are stored; DocQmentor can search across all the storage locations in the enterprise to find data in seconds. And DocQmentor always protects the files so that only authorized users can search and access the records.


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