May 3, 2023

Join TechStar at InnoTech Dallas Conference 2021

In-person events are truly irreplaceable. Join our speaker, Mike O'Neil on "Game-Changing AI and Machine Learning: So easy, even your Grandma could do it!" Or come by

Face-to-face interactions are back! Join TechStar at InnoTech Dallas Conference 2021.

In-person events are truly irreplaceable.  Join our speaker, Mike O'Neil on "Game-Changing AI and Machine Learning: So easy, even your Grandma could do it!" Or come by the booth to discuss Power BI training and consulting services.
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Conference: Game-Changing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: So Easy, Even Your Grandma Could Do It!

Is artificial intelligence (AI) really taking over the world?

In a manner of speaking, yes, it is. And that includes the world of business – your world.

If you are not in the know, you are lagging behind.

If you are not utilizing AI for your business, you are losing to your competitors.

If you are not employing innovative solutions, you are losing profits.

The presence of AI is so ubiquitous that most of the time you don’t even know it keeps you company and serves your needs.

Did you know that when you take a picture with your latest iPhone, you are taking seven different images? This is because Apple developed AI for its chip called Deep Fusion that takes a photo seven different ways at once. Each image looks for a different quality in the overall picture, such as shadows, color balance, depth, lighting, etc. The camera is so fast that in the snap of the shutter, it can optimize each of the seven images and then combine them all into a single photograph. The result is amazing. But you don’t think about this AI process. You just marvel at your iPhone that now shoots images better than any professional, high-end camera.

Beyond the consumer world, AI permeated the world of business. Smart companies now realize the advantages of utilizing AI for automating systems, monitoring security, providing help and support, and completing repetitive manual tasks in very efficient ways.

One example is automated document scanning systems. TechStar has been working with Microsoft AI to build systems that can automatically extract data, tag the documents with the metadata to improve search and retrieval, rename the scans based on the content, apply security levels to the documents, and then store it in Microsoft SharePoint & Teams for long-term archival storage and use. Rather than building a proprietary system, TechStar used standard Microsoft off-the-shelf software. If you decided to implement this incredible productivity-boosting tool, TechStar can teach you how to train the AI/ML libraries to pull specific data you need.

Other examples of AI and machine learning (ML) include:

  • training AI chatbots to respond to various user requests
  • counting the number of objects in a photo
  • reading the mood and temperament of a customer response so that it can take appropriate action.

You can see these incredible examples of AI and ML live!

TechStar is presenting a showcase session on AI and ML for businesses. It’s called “Game-Changing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: So Easy, Even Your Grandma Could Do It!”

We designed this session with non-developers in mind. We wanted to demonstrate how to build incredible AI systems that increase profits and reduce costs. All without writing a single line of code!

If you are a business leader looking to take advantage of the cutting-edge technology of AI and ML, do not miss this session!

Please join us for this incredibly entertaining and educational 50 min discussion on September 28, Room 6, 3rd Floor, 2:00 PM

Speaker: Mike O'Neill, TechStar’s Director of Cloud Solutions

Mike has over 30 years of experience as a Microsoft certified trainer. He worked at Microsoft as a full-time technical employee for more than 18 years and managed both the Microsoft TechNet presenter teams and the MSDN Developer presenter teams. He has a background in both IT and Developer. Mike joined TechStar in 2019 as Director of Cloud Solutions and works as the Technical Liaison on all Microsoft customer projects.

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