Microsoft Security

TechStar’s Security Assessment would help to validate and identify gaps in security practices & controls to be addressed. TechStar’s MSS Framework brings the capability of centralized security assessment till complete life-cycle management system for on-premises infrastructure & Cloud.

Framework Setup

-> Stage 1

Security Maturity Model

• Infrastructure Setup
• Log Source Ingestion
• Alert Configuration
• SOAR Configuration
• Initial Alert Tuning

-> Stage 2

Managed Detect Response

• Defender for Office 365, Identity, Endpoint
• Cloud App Security (MCAS)
• Integration with SIEM
• Policy Tunning

-> Stage 3

Extended Detection Response

• Integration with MDR Monitoring
• Incident response
• Security controls deployment

Service Entitlements

> Security Posture

Accurate and unified view of entire multi-cloud landscape and their compliance status to build a secure, compliant, and resilient environment

> SecOps

Unified Visibility into threats, attacks, vulnerabilities and compliance status.


Entire Life-Cycle Management from detection to resolution


Security Orchestration, Automation and Response


Advanced Threat Intelligence & Hunting, VMaaS, PTaaS

> Service Delivery Management

Access to 24*7 Security Analysts, Security Technical Lead, Dedicated Service Delivery Manager

Azure Security Framework bring the capability of centralized security management system for on-premises infrastructure and Cloud.

Identity & Access Management

Define user access to critical information within organization.

Data Security

Maintaining the integrity of the data and making sure the data is not accessible by unauthorized parties.

Application Security

Process of adding and testing security features within applications to prevent security vulnerabilities against threats.

Network Security

Advanced cloud defenses, prioritized alerts and incidents. Integrated security solutions and threat detection.

Single control plane with Azure Arc, helps to accelerate innovation across hybrid and multi cloud environment with simplifies management faster app development & consistent Azure services.

>> Azure services​ to any infrastructure​

Standardize visibility, operations, and compliance across a wide range of resources and locations by extending the Azure control plane. Right from Azure, you can easily organize, govern, and secure Windows, Linux, SQL Server, and Kubernetes clusters across datacenters, edge, and multi-cloud.​

>> Cloud native apps anywhere, at scale​

Centrally code and deploy applications confidently to any Kubernetes distribution in any location. Accelerate development by using best in class application services with standardized deployment, configuration, security, and observability.​

>> Data ​services anywhere​

Flexibly use cloud innovation where you need it by deploying Azure services anywhere.  Implement cloud practices and automation to deploy faster, consistently, and at scale with always-up-to-date Azure Arc enabled services.​


Integrate security into the process

Every Sprint - ​Reduce risk natively in Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) with real-time developer guidance, build checks, and more​

Periodic Actions - ​Regular risk reduction and governance activities like Threat modelling, Training, etc.

Vigilance and Response​ - Monitoring and Response processes to ensure close collaboration of Security and DevOps teams

TechStar's MDR Services

We Ensure security organization(s) has visibility into all subscriptions connected to your enterprise environment. Why? Because visibility is required to assess risk and to identify whether the policies of the organization and any regulatory requirements are being followed. ​How do we do it? By ensuring all Azure environments that connect to production environment/network apply Governance/Security controls.

Monitoring & Managing​

Continuous monitoring and identify the most critical events leading to intrusion attempts, at-risk IPs, critical vulnerabilities and threats in the real time using the security tools ​

Managed SIEM &

Fully managed rule and correlation optimization evolves based not only on your threats, but threats to our customers worldwide.​

Managed Detection & Response (24x7)

Detect and have complete control over any malware trying to make its way into your organization. Keep a close on subsequent payloads and employ contextual remedial tactics.​

Incident Handling Flow & Analysis

TechStar handles incidents with a proven flow complete with analysis at nearly every stage. These stages include: monitoring ticketing, notification, incident logging, investigation, escalation and closure

SIEM Alerts & Alert prioritization during monitoring stage and alerts will be generated. We have a security analyst who does the investigating and reporting. We also have a Sr. Security Analyst who does deep analysis and remediation. A Security Engineer takes care of VAPT, Threat Intelligence,​ Threat Hunting ​& Escalated issues. ​

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