Apr 13, 2023

What Salesforce Can Do for Your Bottom Line

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What Salesforce can do for your bottom line.

When in need of serious customer relationship management, marketing automation, and analytics, Salesforce is a name to consider. As a cloud-based platform, Salesforce has been at the forefront of:

enabling interaction/collaboration across channels and stakeholders

building connected ecosystems

leveraging data to offer a unified platform addressing customer needs.

The following is a brief overview of the features and benefits Salesforce provides to the end-user.

With data-driven analytics using Einstein on the Salesforce platform, you can generate real-time customer journey insights, real-time funnels, and platform and sales metrics. Single-pane view provides a one-stop look at the engineering and business operation metrics, such as:

self-serve reports for customer insights

real-time drilldowns of app error and perf hotspots

classification of blocking/non-blocking errors.

With Salesforce, contract/deal lifecycle management becomes a breeze. Platform’s intuitive and customizable solution boosts sales productivity, shortens sales revenue, and increases revenue through Contract Life Cycle Management System. As a result, your quote-to-cash process is accelerated.

Salesforce optimizes channel management with partners. The platform enhances channel management solutions with channel partners, giving all parties a centralized, customizable platform to extend their service, quote, sales, and delivery. Channel partners can work better together through Partner Communities and blaze a trail with greater visibility across new and run-rate revenue streams.

For improved customer experience, Salesforce provides omnichannel enablement via Telco’s Vlocity. Omnichannel customer care improves customer loyalty. It also provides increased agility for a business to expand into new products, channels, and markets by insulating the OSS/BSS.Salesforce’s integrated data sources allow you to create a clear B2B 360-degree single view of a customer, including order millstones, service assurance, billing, and fulfillment. Understanding customer behavior equips your business to deliver superb customer service, increasing customer satisfaction, and retention.

For better product and service management, Salesforce uses data modeling to build digital stacks to configure, integrate, and maintain the product and service portfolio across the enterprise with a migration framework to import products.

Case Study 1:

Salesforce – Einstein AI Platform for Data Insights and Monitoring

Salesforce Einstein Analytics takes predictions and forecasting to the next level by refining its recommendations based on new data. This type of AI learning allows the application to progressively make itself more intelligent and thus more proactive. First, Salesforce Einstein gathers a huge amount of data from a full range of sources, such as data entered directly into Salesforce and data from external sources. It then analyzes these sets of data to identify complex, meaningful patterns. The platform takes full advantage of Salesforce capabilities and integrates all fragmented monitoring logs, enabling an effective monitoring system. The platform creates a single pane of view for the entire organization to track customer, business, and platform metrics. Having all customer data in one place, accessible by everyone, helps further increase efficiency. Using the data, the platform builds real-time customer journey insights, real-time funnels, and platform and sales metrics. This sophisticated performance and monitoring solution integrates Einstein Analytics, Vlocity Module, and Google Analytics, delivering outstanding business results.

Analytics Service Offerings on Salesforce

Business Values Achieved

Single Pane of View

one-stop solution to get the engineering & business operation metrics

self-serve reports for customer insights

real-time drilldowns of app error & perf hotspots

classification of blocking/non-blocking errors.

Operational Cost Savings

pinpoint/drilldown perf & errors at customer/product level

100% component coverage

pre & post-release perf validation

Elevated Customer Experience

funnel analysis, quote & order trends

segregation of drop-offs by page, customer & product

shorter time to quote & order, increased conversions

Case Study 2:

Salesforce - Omnichannel Enablement – Partner Solutions

Salesforce enables resale partners to quote, sell, and deliver solutions to their customers. It maps out their journeys from discovery and learning to onboarding and ordering to fulfillment and assurance. To help our customers achieve their business goals, we build our APIs to allow those who transact through these channels to enjoy the full capabilities of the platform. To enable all resale partners to quote, sell, and deliver the solutions to their customers with ease, the platform consolidates the product silo ordering portals into a unified partner engagement portal. This is a significant benefit for the wholesale customers selling to their end-users, as it allows wholesale customers to provide a more seamless experience through their brand by connecting to the API.

Salesforce Article's Customer Journey

Business Values Achieved

Build partner ecosystem Services built for B2B and B2C companies to ready the platform for omnichannel communication, knowledge management, and feedback. Deliver Insights Enabled all touchpoints to have a holistic view of the customer and introduced Single View of Customer feature, which includes order millstones, service assurance, billing, and fulfillment by integrating 10+ data sources into a simplified view.Business Values Achieved Cycle


When it comes to your customer relationship management, Salesforce offers cloud-based well-thought-out solutions. The platform is designed to make your tasks of building good customer relationships while delivering excellent customer care as easy as possible, keeping your customers satisfied.

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