May 3, 2023

Process Mining Guide To Operational Excellence

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The Process Mining Guide to Operational Excellence provides an overview of how to use process mining as an analytical discipline to uncover, map, and visualize business processes based on digital footprint data.

One immediate impact of Process Mining software is its ability to provide enterprise-wide process transparency and recognize new opportunities to constantly enhance the enterprise's business operations - in that way, Process Mining ensures the process, the technology, and the people are prepared for the best performance.

Process Mining is a crucial link between real-time events and operational business processes. Process Discovery examines the electronic footprint left by various IT platforms to assist businesses to visualize exactly how their processes are running and the impacts on their customers and operations.

The Relevance of Process Mining Today

With the increasing complexity of processes and technological advances, process mining has become a critical solution with growth potential. Process mining technologies enable companies to fully understand their processes and identify bottlenecks and process improvements. Process mining can also be used by businesses to acquire real-time insights and segment analysis of their processes.

It is specifically designed to handle the challenges and complexity of the current-generation process environment. It brings with it in-depth visibility and control into individual processes and the outcomes produced. Companies that focus on improving the customer experience and increasing their turnover implement process mining software.

How Does Process Mining Help Address On-Going Change In Your Business?

It can assist organizations in helping them deal with some of the toughest challenges. All organizations witness continued business enhancement initiatives. A culture of constant progress is par for the course in the current dynamic landscape. Process discovery allows for improved control and oversight with the help of unmatched quality and pace to insights.

Process Mining conformance methods assist in auditing and compliance initiatives via complexity reduction and improvement in organizational prowess.

What is Operational Excellence, How Does It Benefit Businesses?

Operational excellence is defined as executing a company plan more consistently and reliably than the competitors, with reduced operational risk, lower operating costs, and more revenue. It has more to do with accomplishing a state of orderly operational structure to recognize and capitalize on improvement opportunities whilst controlling non-technical elements, like organizational culture. This is needed for the survival and growth of organizations and calls for new methods to make the most of the current process.

An organization that accomplishes operational excellence runs smoothly as a result of optimized business processes, clear visibility on end-to-end processes ranging across various divisions and departments, and of course, a culture within the company that supports constant progress and process changes.

How Can Process Mining Help Achieve Operational Excellence?

Process mining has many uses at enterprises across a variety of industries including manufacturing, finance and banking, healthcare, communications providers, and more. It is typically applied to practice areas where there is a need to control the process for regulatory compliance or improved performance.

New techniques and ways to optimize current processes are required to achieve operational excellence. Many companies carry out business process optimization and standardization efforts using traditional methods that do not have qualitative analogies. However, some companies want to go a step further and use process mining for conformity assessment, where current processes are compared with a range of desired functions to achieve compliance and regulatory objectives.

In today's world, companies need to be agile and flexible to stay ahead in an ever-changing market. The modern digital economy requires flexibility in processes and agility from companies to remain competitive.

Errors and operational inefficiencies that go undetected can jeopardize a company's competitive advantage.  Many companies can identify potential problems before they have a negative impact and ensure that their operations are cost-efficient, compliant and several steps ahead of the competition.

Operational Excellence is more than adapting the current approach. Innovative success is understanding today's business scenario and tomorrow's success. Process Mining is indispensable for achieving operational excellence.

Key Technologies That Help Achieve Operational Excellence

A. Business Process Management Software

BPM is a methodology basically, and certain software can support the practice. There are three types of BPM platforms offered in the market that can aid in upping the pace in application development, digitization, and process remodeling. A basic BPM platform is a governed repository of standard operating procedures in an organization. It also gives a clear view of various processes and insight into the interdependencies involved within departments. A clever BPM company allows teams to come up with a new process and reproduce it to better understand its effects on an organization.

B. Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a method of automating commercial processes by using software robots. It is mainly used for manual repetitive tasks that could go wrong, like a manual data input.

C. Process Mining

Process Mining is software that helps organizations have an overview of business processes by accumulating data on them. After that, the data is made into business intelligence and actionable insights on techniques to enhance processes and simultaneously work on operational excellence.

Process intelligence makes way for a better understanding of process mining of how it is to be replaced by accurate, quick and data-driven alternatives. This also helps make process optimization and transformation plans rapid and data-driven. The use of process intelligence lets you react in a quicker manner to internal and external pressures. To be specific, process intelligence proves process data to all employees, decisions and interactions. Process intelligence can be used anywhere and at any moment. By incorporating process data into your current data environment, you will be able to plug the gap between customers, existing systems and processes, further allowing you to up the pace with your transformation plans. It also makes robot creation and automation easier by offering all the required elements.

How Process Mining Benefits Various Industries

Process mining is a collection of business process management, data analysis, and machine learning techniques that support the analysis and optimization of operational processes based on business events and protocols. It combines the core functions of data analysis, data acquisition, processing, cataloging, and machine learning to help organizations discover the digital footprint of current process variants that cause inefficiencies and costs. Process mining is used by most businesses to identify inefficiencies and productivity gaps that they can fix.

Process mining has many uses at enterprises across a variety of industries including manufacturing, finance, healthcare, retail, and more. The process is typically applied to practice areas where there is a need to control the process for regulatory compliance or improved performance.

Process Mining for Core Operations


  • Optimize working capital
  • Increase productivity
  • Manage risk and compliance


  • Increase purchasing productivity
  • Optimize purchasing spend
  • Reduce risk

Logistics and Distribution

  • Improve productivity
  • Optimize inventory
  • Ensure reliability

Customer Order Management

  • Maximize on-time delivery
  • Increase productivity and automation
  • Improve order operations quality


It's a long road to process excellence, but we've highlighted the most important steps to be taken. In this guide, TechStar aims at helping you understand how to get started in the modern age of process excellence with the organization.

Customer experience starts picking up in quality and pace. Enterprises begin to reach a state of constant automated progress. These superfluid enterprises have good clarity and command over a constantly progressing operational landscape.

We specialize in state-of-the-art technologies to improve the efficiency and performance of your processes. Trust the advice, technology, and insights of your business experts with in-depth analysis. The champions of operational excellence are ahead of the game by learning how to move the traditional scope of process mining to create a more connected view of the digital supply chain and how to promote operational excellence.