VIVE is AI/ML on Steroids

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TechStar’s VIVE product is out, and I will admit that I was a little hesitant when I first got my hands on it.

For years I had been working with Microsoft’s Power BI product and had even recently been teaching online classes covering Power BI. At first look, VIVE appeared to be a competitor to Microsoft’s Analytics package. How wrong I was.

I recently was able to spend time with Kumar Narala, who is the principal developer of VIVE for TechStar. Kumar has this boundless energy that he passes on to others whenever he is talking about process engineering and data analytics. It is very hard not to be impressed after watching one of Kumar’s VIVE demos. The reason why, is that VIVE works with Microsoft’s Power BI, as well as other analytical tools. It complements these products but adds much more functionality.

Data Analytics shows customers where they have been and where they are now. It takes a historical view of your data and shows you dashboards of the way things have been. That is important to leaders, but it will only get you so far. What VIVE does, is it shows you the way forward by using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to predict the best path. VIVE adds process engineering to the mix so that it can look at large volumes of data, see trends that are almost impossible to discover by yourself, and find all the waste and inefficiencies that are happening within your organization.

VIVE builds these beautiful interactive reports that show operations within your organization. You see all the roadblocks and the bottlenecks where things are slowing down unnecessarily. A typical customer will often improve processes only 2%, but that savings repeated every day add ups, and would very quickly pay back the cost of using VIVE. The ROI for VIVE can often be expressed in weeks.

Kumar and his team will work with any customer to take your data and run it through the VIVE system for a realtime demo. The data never leaves your company or your possession, but instead, a VIVE system can be stood up to show the operational inefficiencies before a contract is ever made. Customers often know precisely when the ROI pays off based on a Kumar demo. He can then work to build out a proof of concept so that there is zero risks to our customers.

If you are interested in seeing for yourself, give me a call (Michael O’Neill 214-799-4704), and I will be glad to join you for a Kumar demo. You can also e-mail me at

UPDATE: Kumar and I are going to be presenting a VIVE Webinar on May 28th, at 1 pm CST. Register by clicking here: