Microsoft Graph Analytics

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Companies want holistic security that protects their entire corporate environment. They want protection for everything from their desktop, network, cloud, apps, mobile devices, users, data, intellectual property, identities, and servers, and they want it in a simplified platform: a single software interface that allows them to implement these technologies. Simply put, they want “a single pane of glass” to view all the security issues affecting their domains; this was achieved with the introduction of Microsoft’s Graph Analytics.

Understanding Graph Analytics

It is easiest to think of Microsoft Graph Analytics as the glue that binds all security features together. Graph is the Microsoft A.I. library that runs sophisticated Analytics over systems in order to discover connections and trends in otherwise seemingly disconnected data. Graph is not just used by Microsoft for security issues; it can be used to understand how users are connected together (relatives, co-workers, organizations) and can analyze buying habits, purchase decisions, operational efficiencies, and other data connections that underlie all of the digital footprints we leave through our transactions. In the case of security, Microsoft Graph Analytics can identify attack vectors that may be happening across different networks, devices, or users - it pieces together a story showing how a sophisticated and complex attack all originated from the same set of actions. This makes it perfect for coordinating multiple security technologies to work together as one – To get them all to report under the same “pane of glass.”

New Security Attacks

Security threats today are no longer just phishing attacks and attempts to install malware. They may start as an e-mail that attempts to get a user to open an attachment or click on a link, but they then quickly try to move horizontally through your organization by injecting viruses, installing malware, opening bitcoin mining operations, or working to find other vulnerable users, devices, apps, and files to help them propagate until they corrupt an account with higher levels of administration. If your traditional security program is only looking at one section of your corporate attack vector (for example – desktop security) it may miss the propagation of the attack onto mobile devices, email systems, and user accounts. Microsoft Graph works behind the scenes by coordinating the data as it flows between your systems, and then, like C.S.I., pieces together evidence that correlates activities between these disparate systems. The end result is that with one security window, the entire threat can be exposed across desktops, devices, users, applications, networks, cloud resources, and more. MS Graph works across all technologies matching security issues on each to incidents that created the threat. This allows Microsoft’s security stack to take holistic action against the threat to shut down all affected systems before more damage can be done. Microsoft’s Graph Analytics achieves what companies and users have been searching for – a complete comprehensive enterprise security system that is enabled within their own software and integrated at any level.