TechStar Events

TechStar is providing free Webinars during this pandemic. Since many organizations are suffering during these hard times, the leaders of TechStar are offering free technical webinars on Microsoft technology. NOTE: These are not sales events , but these are real technical training classes.

TechStar knows that providing free assistance to our customers when they need it, demonstrating our advanced knowledge of core Microsoft technology, and helping to build a bridge of networks between businesses using Microsoft technology will benefit everyone. Not everyone can afford to hire TechStar tight now to help with Azure migrations, SharePoint development, Security audits, Data Analytics, and Business Process development. But we hope that by providing free training without sales pressure, it will help customers keep us in mind when times get better. (…and they will get better.)

Here are the topics we are providing free training on:

Microsoft Power BI – This class allows students to learn about Microsoft’s business analytics solutions. TechStar will show how to connect to a database with almost a million records in it, and utilize Power BI to discover over 20+ hidden data anomalies. We will teach attendees how to build visual dashboards with key performance indicators, use advanced formulas in DAX, M, and R languages, and utilize AI and ML to discover outliers in the datasets. We will also show how 90% of Power BI functions can be performed with the free version of Power BI, and what features are exclusive to the Power BI Pro version.

Microsoft Power Platform – Microsoft has recently merged numerous programs into what it calls the Microsoft Power Platform. Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents (Bots) all make up the new Power Platform suite. TechStar has a separate session on Power BI, so this session focuses more on Power Apps and Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow), which are designed to build automated business intelligence systems and forms routing. In this session, you will learn about the Power Platform and will discover how to make universal forms that can run on any device. These forms are used to automate everyday business tasks. Learn to create forms, add validation, apply data connectors, and route your data through an automated solution that is triggered by e-mail, SharePoint, or by user interaction.

Microsoft Process Mining – VIVE is a TechStar Process Mining tool that works with Power BI and other Microsoft solutions. Built on the Microsoft technology stack, Process mining helps you track your organization’s digital footprints and analyzes them with AI and ML to discover hidden bottlenecks and waste within your operations. It then builds beautiful dashboards that help visualize these processes. Where Power BI shows your organization where you have been, Process Mining projects operational information forward and predicts results in the future. Process mining works across departments, teams, and silos and provides a holistic picture of your operational efficiencies.

Microsoft Security Platform – This is a 90-minute hands-on review of the Microsoft security tools platform. We teach attendees how to utilize all the Microsoft security tools to deploy Azure Threat Protection, Multi-Factor Authentication, Intune, Autopilot, Windows Hello, and much more. Attendees will be running security scans, managing Outlook phishing attacks, and defending against malware, using a Microsoft account that is under real-time attack. The demo environment runs in read-only mode, so attendees are safe and protected. They can learn to secure their corporate environments utilizing the entire Microsoft security stack.

Microsoft Azure Governance – This 90-minute webinar teaches the ins and outs of correctly using Microsoft Azure servers. Participants learn how to successfully govern their Azure servers, and learn about the Azure marketplace, the portal, and about virtual servers, networks, and databases. They learn to optimize their Azure installations and to manage and maintain their online solutions using policies, tags, blueprints, RBAC, and more. This subject has become Microsoft’s most requested class in 2020 and is an attendee favorite.

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Date of week Date Time Topic
Tuesday 10-6-2020 1 pm CST Azure Governance Book Now
Thursday 10-8-2020 1 pm CST Power Platform Book Now
Tuesday 10-13-2020 10 am CST Power BI Book Now
Thursday 10-15-2020 10 am CST MS TEAMS Book Now
Tuesday 10-20-2020 1 pm CST Process Mining Book Now
Thursday 10-22-2020 1 pm CST Security Platform Book Now
Tuesday 10-27-2020 10 am CST Power BI Book Now
Thursday 10-29-2020 10 am CST Power Platform Book Now
Date of week Date Time Topic
Tuesday 11-3-2020 1 pm CST Microsoft Azure Governance Book Now
Thursday 11-5-2020 1 pm CST Microsoft SharePoint/TEAMS Book Now
Tuesday 11-10-2020 1 pm CST TechStar Process Mining Book Now
Thursday 11-12-2020 1 pm CST Microsoft Security Stack Book Now
Tuesday 11-17-2020 1 pm CST Microsoft Power BI Book Now
Thursday 11-19-2020 1 pm CST Microsoft Power Platform Book Now