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Analytics Services

As complexity and capacity of business systems increase, businesses are in need of cost-effective methods to fill the gap between data management and data-driven decisions.

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The ever-growing amount of data collected around the world has led to the creation of a relatively new term: big data.

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Data integration is becoming even more important as the need to access, analyze and share big data grows. TechStar Group offers ready-to-deploy solutions, such as data warehouse offloading, OLTP replication, and real-time log analytics.

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Data visualization presents big data in a clear, understandable, and usable format. Big data is growing at unprecedented levels, and businesses need tools to help them extract and analyze this growing amount of important information in real time.

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Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Chatbots offer enhanced self- service capabilities to customers to increase satisfaction, maximize retention, and enhance customer acquisition.

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Our Chatbot services offer an integrated approach designed to lower costs and deliver Results.

Powered by Artificial intelligence, Chatbots help your systems understand complex requests, personalize responses and improve conversations/interactions over the time by learning through “training” (using supervised and unsupervised training). Chatbots simulate the conversation of a human being through either text or voice interactions by combining Computers, Digital Assistance, Artificial Intelligence and Linguistics.

Chatbots are used for automation in Digital engagement and provide a guided or contextual conversational flow for customer self-serve capabilities, resulting in lower customer call volumes and a better overall customer experience – enhancing customer satisfaction, and retention.

Chatbots operate through Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines via text or speech. Chatbots adapt to user information such as avatar, segments, preferences, and lifestyles with the help of conversational model that play a pivotal role in managing conversations by providing implicit contexts and intents.

As chatbots get “smarter,” they provide invaluable data to support better decisions and interactions across other channels. Apart from supporting Sales, Customer Service, Support and Troubleshooting scenarios, chatbots can also play an important role in Marketing.

By tagging specific content to certain chatbot words or phrases, content can be delivered in within the context of various pre-defined conversations. With deep understanding of the customer journey and emotions, through the eyes of the buyer, content and bot conversations can be successfully mapped and programmed.

Types of Chatbots:


Virtual assistants


Conversational interfaces


Smart AI powered conversational bots for websites and social media channel.

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Services

Qualified talent, a reconsideration of business processes, and emerging technology capabilities are the pillars of successful Digital Transformation efforts.

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Our Digital Transformation Services provide a comprehensive suite of services to help augment your internal teams – helping you stay ahead of your competitors and nimble startups seeking to attack your value chains.

The Right Team

Our Consulting Services provide access to qualified and proven technical talent that forms the backbone of any transformation efforts. Survey after survey shows that CIO’s consider lack of internal talent and capabilities as the largest risk to their transformation efforts. We can provide qualified and proven talent to help augment your teams wherever necessary.

The Right Processes

Our proprietary Process Optimization and Mining solution enables you to gain truly objective views of your business process that cut across organizational and system boundaries – enabling you to evaluate and optimize the right business processes.

The Right Technology

Our Application Modernization service is the foundational pillar for all transformational efforts.

We help you :


Transform legacy applications to take advantage of cost savings provided by emerging technologies – helping you lower costs.


Gain better access to data across your organization, enabling better decision making.


Design and develop digital - first customer experiences that maximize end - user adoption of new technologies, maximizing the success of your initiatives.


Monitor the effectiveness of transformation efforts to help you quantify and measure ROI.

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Process Mining

Process Mining

Process Mining helps pinpoint and eliminate waste, bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and deviations within your business processes.

VIVE Process Intelligence incorporates predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence to help you identify and mitigate deviations before they compound.

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Empowering you to:

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Process Intelligence helps identify processes that are ripe for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - freeing up your team to deliver greater business value.

Robotic Process Automation “software bots” are fully programmable digital assistants that help your employees automate redundant manual tasks.

Benefits by Function

How Process Intelligence Works?

Connect 175+ supported data sources

We deploy the application within your environment and integrate with your systems.

Take Corrective Actions

Identify and eliminate waste, inefficiencies, bottlenecks, process deviations, and discover which redundant tasks are ripe for Robotic Process Automation.

Machine Learning-powered automated as-is process mapping

Digital footprints of your enterprise systems are analyzed to map each business process from start to finish.

Monitor Effectiveness of Corrective Actions

Evaluate effectiveness of corrective actions against benchmarks at aggregate and individual process level for effective change management.

Discover how your processes truly run

Gain an objective and visual view of real-time process performance within context of your custom-defined KPIs. Visual cues alert you to where and when deviations and outliers occur within your business processes.

Mitigate Future Deviations

Built-in predictive analytics alert you to potential issues before they occur, based upon customizable KPIs.

  • Run on any cloud or on-prem environment
  • Monitor custom metrics (Commission, Discount, etc.)
  • Computations based on database data, not XML
  • Dynamic cost calculations and what-if projections
  • Public or private model access
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Limited-time offer: Complimentary 14-day POC


*Work with your IT to deploy within your environment


Integrate and cleanse data


Identify KPI’s


Day 14: Live demo with your data

*Deploy in your environment for zero risk of data loss



Pega is a leader in software for customer engagement, customer service, and digital process automation.

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Pega enables the development and deployment of strategic BPM, Dynamic case management, and Decision Management Applications — all through a single, unified model - based platform.

TechStar’s Pega Practice and Centre of Excellence has unmatched certification levels, offering access to highly experienced teams for customer engagements.

TechStar Pega Service Offerings:

TechStar’s Pega service offerings combine the power of AI, Robotics and BPM to transform the business value chain.

Empowering customer centricity

Modernize legacy systems of engagement to systems of differentiation by reimagining customer journeys and providing seamless experience across channels and real-time personalization.

Agility in business application development

Use Pega low-code platform and Agile Scrum techniques for swift delivery of business applications while accelerating time to market.

Contact centre transformations

Revolutionize to deliver great customer service by adopting the right strategy, while optimizing operations and systems for optimal customer engagement and efficiency.


Transform the complete business value chain by leveraging BPM, Robotic process automation (RPA), and AI while delivering great digital customer experiences.


Simplify repetitive mundane tasks through bots and automate complex manual operations, legacy processes, and white spaces between platforms using Pega.

Pega Case Studies:

An Insurance giant used Pega to deliver a single unified claims management system across their enterprise including 131 jurisdictions around the globe. Their ROI on this bold undertaking was much higher than they expected. They were able to reduce their claims cycle times by 30% while improving accuracy, reducing expenses associated with claims and reducing indemnity expenses by 5%.

At one of the US’s largest Telco’s, we create value by retaining their valuable customers and offering bundles their customers are most likely to accept. The result is that our customer is spending less on retention while keeping more customers and growing top line revenue.


Salesforce Services

SalesForce provides the world’s leading cloud-based CRM for small and large enterprises with robust customization and integration capabilities.

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Leverage our expertise to ensure the success of your SalesForce investment across your organization.

Whether you are migrating to SalesForce, looking to integrate with other tools, or seeking to build a custom application within the SalesForce platform, our extensive team of experts can meet you along your journey and help you get to your destination – wherever that may be. With deep functional and technical expertise to guide you every step of the way, we help you maximize the return on your investment.

TechStar SalesForce Expertise

Sales Cloud:

Increase sales, boost productivity or improve customer service. TechStar will help you accelerate CRM transformation while minimizing operational cost and increasing time-to-market.

Service Cloud:

A platform that enables organizations to provide excellent service efficiently. We work closely with all stakeholders to implement future business vision to deliver significant business benefits.

Community Cloud:

A social platform that is designed to connect organization's employees, partners and customers. We help customers with the ever-increasing number of new product features.

Platform Implementation:

The Force.com platform offers an extremely powerful, scalable and secure cloud computing platform. We can help develop, package and instantaneously deploy your applications.

CPQ Implementation:

Automate quote to cash process that can shorten the sales cycle and improve customer experience. With our team of certified consultants, we can help implement CPQ efficiently.

Services Offerings

Salesforce Consulting:

We deliver comprehensive Salesforce consulting services to uncover the potential of Salesforce to support your business needs.

New Salesforce Implementation:

We provide consulting services for getting your sales, marketing or customer service activities automated. We analyse the business needs and design journeys to address them through Salesforce capabilities.

Enhance Existing Implementation:

We conduct a comprehensive study of the existing implementation, identify improvement areas and plan on enhancing the customer’s current Salesforce solution from a customer experience and performance point of view.

Salesforce Implementation:

With our core objective of delivering on time and staying within budget, we take a two-pronged approach to implement the entire solution in a seamless manner.

Analysis & Design – Requirements, Configuration, Customization & Integration:

We perform deep analysis of your business needs and then elaborate the same to achieve your business goals with Salesforce functionality. We then design the necessary strategy for configurations, customizations and integrations that make the solution fully compliant with your requirements.

Enablement & Adoption - Data Migration, End User Training & Go-Live:

Data migration is planned without data loss or corruption, system downtime and impact on your business processes. Our focus is increased user adoption and help users adapt to the capabilities of the delivered solution by designing the right training strategy and then executing the next steps to go live.

Salesforce App Development:

We have rich experience and we apply a structured software delivery methodology to build reliable and scalable applications by leveraging the full potential of the Force.com platform.

Automate Business Process:

Complex functionality that is required to improve or transform the current business processes and cannot be addressed with regular CRM functionality. For example, applications for people management or small applications that solve a set of specific tasks within Salesforce, like document generation, lead assignment, etc.

Products for AppExchange:

Applications to be listed on AppExchange and become an independent source of revenue. For developing AppExchange products, we follow an iterative approach to evolve the requirements and the product. Our focus is always to develop a Minimum Viable Product and then iteratively implement the comprehensive functionality

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Why Techstar?

Our passion for service and delivery excellence is unmatched in the industry and our team aims high to deliver results for your business.

We relentlessly listen to our customers in order to discover new and innovative solutions to their challenges. We strive everyday to meet and exceed even their unexpressed goals in creative ways.

We meet our customers where they are, and align ourselves to match their goals, objectives and methods. We are agile, flexible and transparent in all our engagements.

We are a certified Women Owned Enterprise and Certified by numerous organizations as a Diverse Supplier, including National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) Certified Supplier, North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (NCTRCA) Minority - owned Business Enterprise.

  • Remote interview how-to’s.
  • Remote team management for managers in Post-Covid era.
  • Collaborating with team members with digital tools (link to Microsoft Teams webinar).

Our Consulting Services enable us to prequalify and vet talent with our proprietary and testing sourcing and screening methodology, resulting in significant time savings for our customers and a better interview experience for our consultants.

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